Prisma: All that prismatic rage!

Prisma through the eyes of a QA Engineer. It’s not boring, I promise!

After Pokémon Go, the whole world seems to be obsessed with Prisma these days. So why is it that suddenly everyone is after a mere photo-filtering app?

As it turns out, it is not “just another” photo-filtering app. It uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to create digital artwork pieces out of your ordinary photos using styles of Picasso, Van Gogh, Munk and more. Basically, something like this:

Prisma making a fan look like an expensive piece of art

So, I decided to do some experimentation of my own on the app to form some original views about it.

Here is how we’re gonna proceed with this testing. I am going to use 5 test cases for this test: A random shot, a landscape, a portrait, an image of food and a surprise test case (Read on!)

  1. Random shot
    Of my office! Used the camera in Prisma to capture a square image and applied filters to it.
  2. Landscape
    Somewhere in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
  3. Portrait
    Of me because of the narcissist in me
  4. Food
    Because it’s food
  5. Prisma of Prisma
    Because that is the kind of weird stuff QA people come up with and do as a living and sometimes earn glory within the process.

According to my experiment, putting prisma filters on already existing prisma filters produces better results because the first time edges are defined and the second time those edges are enhanced and the blending is done better.

Here are my thoughts:

Square Cropping: Was it absolutely necessary? Even Instagram got rid of it. When will we get rid of this square cropping curse?

The processing wait: Depending on your internet connection and the number of people using the app at that time, your wait can vary but one thing is for sure, you will be waiting.

Image Source:

FYI, the wait is because the app uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to convert your ordinary pictures into extraordinary pictures, so a lot of data crunching is going on in the background. But, here is the good news: Prisma folks have announced that they are working on scaling their servers for better performance. So we might not have to wait that long in the future!

Slider: The ease of adjusting blending percentage with the original photo using a simple slider is a winner feature. 100 points for that.

Saving Filtered Images: I mean saving artworks. The good thing is, it doesn’t save duplicates. The bad thing is, it doesn’t save varying blending degrees of the same filter of the same picture. What you can do though is close the picture, reopen the picture in the app, re-crop and have it reprocess. Only then can you save it in a different blending degree.

Filters/Artist Style/Pattern: Clearly, all filters are not for all pictures. Some filters work well with most of the pictures (Mosaic, being my favorite) and some filters don’t work with almost any picture (for example, Mondrian)

Coming Soon: In other news, Prisma Labs is also working to develop Prisma for videos and 360-degree images. Watch the video demo here by The junk-E-cat.


Disclaimer: My experience on Prisma has been on Android only, so my views are based on its Android version and might differ from the experience of iOS users.

Copyright of images reserved.

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