A little visit to “Something”

While testing websites that didn’t need a genuine email id, I sometimes used email address like abc@something.com. So, I was wondering what I would find on http://something.com/ . It was pretty disappointing to find nothing on something. Screenshot 2016-10-06 13.48.52.png

So, I went ahead and Googled “something” and found a faq page.Screenshot 2016-10-06 13.51.09.png

The owner seems pretty sassy and I was intrigued by what he used the site for. Further research helped me find a facebook page.Screenshot 2016-10-06 13.54.16.png

So as it turns out, I am not the only one intrigued my it. Though, I am sure late to the party.

Anyone got any ideas? Something is very mysterious!


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