Becoming Incrementalist

I graduated in June 2015 and I have been working in Software Testing since September 2015. In all this time, I have learned a lot about the field; be it the technicalities of manual testing or the challenges of automation. I have immensely enjoyed working as a QA Engineer. I have blogged about it and I have spoken about it.

I believe I was a bit conservative at the beginning of my career. I was entirely focused on what I was doing and absolutely did not want to change anything. I was offered to learn web development but I turned it down because I just didn’t want to do it. Frankly, I used to find programming slightly intimidating and I didn’t want to go down that road. (Although automation also requires programming but that was a different story.)

Quite some time ago, I actively started learning about new things. I have been exploring Machine Learning and Data Science. I have been reading about the wonders of Artificial Intelligence and the power of Neural Networks and Deep Learning and more. I took up a bunch of online courses too.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are re-shaping the world we live in and it is all quite fascinating. Therefore, I am actively transitioning to Data Science and there is a lot that I have found worth sharing so far.


Having a QA titled blog, it felt a little out of context to talk about anything that falls outside the area. There is so much more that I want to learn, experience and share. Hence, it became vital to set up this new blog in a new and wider direction.

I have put in months into coming up with a name that does justice to the idea of a new direction. Finally, I have settled at “INCREMENTALIST”. At this point, I am changing the name of this blog from ‘Quality Frenzy’ to ‘Incrementalist’.

Incrementalist is derived from Incrementalism which means making changes by degrees. I believe we live life incrementally. We are changing and growing one small bit, every single day. Whatever we do is somewhat incremental. Therefore, from now on I will try to incorporate incrementalism in everything I pen down.

Cheers to moving forward, expanding perspectives and sharing everything!

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