A reality check for those who consider software testing an easy job! There are a large number of unknown factors and variables involved. Sometimes the requirements are not well-defined or sometimes the system ends up behaving unexpectedly. Then there is the difference of environments, platforms, devices and network capacities on which the software system might be used and different types of users who would be using … Continue reading Quote#3

Prisma: All that prismatic rage!

Prisma through the eyes of a QA Engineer. It’s not boring, I promise! After Pokémon Go, the whole world seems to be obsessed with Prisma these days. So why is it that suddenly everyone is after a mere photo-filtering app? As it turns out, it is not “just another” photo-filtering app. It uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to create digital artwork pieces out of … Continue reading Prisma: All that prismatic rage!

How lists can make you better at work and life

I am a huge fan of lists. It might sound boring or cliched but you know what, this is that one thing that was there all along but you never realized how it can absolutely change your life. No exaggeration. Lists make you organized We all know how we think we would be leading better, more productive lives if only we could get a little … Continue reading How lists can make you better at work and life


Guest post from Prashant Hedge A mindmap is a diagram used to visually organize information. It can be called as a visual thinking tool. A Mindmap allows complex information to be presented in a simplified visual form. A mind map is created around a single concept. The concept is represented as an image in the center to which the associated ideas are added. Major ideas … Continue reading MINDMAP: A KILLER WAY TO INCREASE YOUR TEST COVERAGE.

Security Testing – OWASP ZAP: A review

Recently, I was asked by our lead developer to look into security testing so that we can get a general idea about how secure the systems we develop really are. The idea was to first look into security testing in general, and then find a tool to scan a web application under development. I came across multiple tools. I would like to put them all … Continue reading Security Testing – OWASP ZAP: A review