A little visit to “Something”

While testing websites that didn’t need a genuine email id, I sometimes used email address like abc@something.com. So, I was wondering what I would find on http://something.com/ . It was pretty disappointing to find nothing on something.  So, I went ahead and Googled “something” and found a faq page. The owner seems pretty sassy and I was intrigued by what he used the site for. Further research helped me find … Continue reading A little visit to “Something”


This is something very important that we usually don’t realize. There is always this checklist or requirement specification document that we are so busy in verifying that we often don’t find out about unwanted/unknown behaviors. If you are fortunate, you might stumble upon it while testing. Otherwise, it is brought to your attention when something breaks or behaves unusually when the user is using your app … Continue reading Quote#7

The Real Skill Recruiters look for in Software Testers

Which by the way, if you have, will help you a lot in other life matters too. It’s communication! While interviewing to hire a software tester, the interviewers almost always ask this one question: “How do you log bugs?” It can be rephrased as follows: “How do you ‘communicate’ bug to the relevant stakeholders?” The importance of attention to detail, choosing the right approach for … Continue reading The Real Skill Recruiters look for in Software Testers

Lessons Learned: A year in Testing and Quality Assurance

A year of rich technical and life experiences! I started my first job as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, exactly a year ago. It has been a wonderful year. In a tech company of about 20-25 employees and working as the sole QA Engineer, I learned more than I ever expected. Below, I am going to summarize my experiences and lessons learned. You never know … Continue reading Lessons Learned: A year in Testing and Quality Assurance


A reality check for those who consider software testing an easy job! There are a large number of unknown factors and variables involved. Sometimes the requirements are not well-defined or sometimes the system ends up behaving unexpectedly. Then there is the difference of environments, platforms, devices and network capacities on which the software system might be used and different types of users who would be using … Continue reading Quote#3